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Park Journal

Stay current with Polar Caves!

9/4/20- Bring on Fall! Like the trees, we are looking ahead to our next stages for Fall. Half the ducks are getting ready to migrate (don't worry we have plenty) and the baby deer are more like little adult deer. It's a time of year that we can make improvements and still host guests without having to clear snow. We will be open Friday-Sunday, unless there is a holiday weekend we will also be open Monday. We are fortunate to see a healthy and happy staff, and the guests this Summer have been fantastic. It is a year where we have been operating under the guidelines of the NH State, and we have learned so much from it. We are lucky to have so many supporters and just can't say THANK YOU enough. 

7/27/20- Having a new visitor model has been an interesting experience for us at the Polar Caves. Not knowing how guests and staff would feel during this Covid-19 era, we have strived for holding the highest standards. How's it been going? Really amazing. Guests and staff alike have expressed positive experiences, especially noting that the park is peaceful and without crowds It feels like it's all yours. This is nature at its best, just you and the outdoors. We will continue to keep our eyes on safety and will be taking the lessons this season has gifted us for planning ahead. 

6/13/20 -The lights are green and we are open! The cobwebs have been swept away and the park is open for weekends, looking ahead to open during the week as well. With our new online booking system it's easy to see when things are picking up for those of you that are interested in having a quieter park experience. Oh and we have had 3 new baby fallow deer in the past few days!

5/15- Polar Caves and preparing for the "new norm", we are going to be focusing our efforts to provide safe, fun, and high-quality times for our guests during the Covid-19 era. We are still awaiting the "green light" to reopen, and are supportive of the efforts being made around the country to keep everyone safe and healthy. We are happy to field any questions you may have about visiting us this summer. Please reach out via email at for more information. We will be providing updates here and on our Facebook page as we have more information (such as, our expected open date.) Remember, we never take our rocks for granite :) 

4/17/20- Spring! We are all needing the fresh air of Spring, and we are welcoming it whole-heartedly. We are spending our efforts prepping for the warming weather, tidying up and focusing on methods to keep our staff and eventual guests safe (and sanitized). Seeing the park turning green gives us all a sense of the next stages. We wish you all well and look forward to being able to welcome you and your families back!

4/8/20- Spring Scouting- Our park scouting trips are proving that things look great! Giant ice blocks can cause damage, trees can block paths, and Yetis can jump out at anytime.

3/23- New Deer Barn! We just completed our new deer barn and it's beautiful, and the dear are a happy herd. 

3/16-  New GM! We have a new General Manager, Alex Templar formerly of the Gunstock Nordic Center, joined our team. Passionate and dedicated to people, Alex has made his life about adventure, nature and sharing those experiences. He earned a degree in Psychology from the University of Idaho, and has an eclectic work background. He has worked with at-risk populations in wilderness treatment, owned a raft and kayaking company, facilitating corporate team building clinics and makes a point of keeping his office outdoors. We are excited to welcome him to Team Polar Cave and look forward to getting people outside with everyone smiling! Most importantly he wants transparent communication with guests and employees alike and has a way of getting everyone excited... he has asked us to share his direct email account as