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Climbing at Polar Caves

Rumney is a renowned rock climbing destination offering some of the best sport climbing in the Northeast. Building on this reputation, Polar Caves has added two new climbing attractions to introduce rock climbing to our visitors.

The Glacial Wall - Closed for the season

If you’ve ever wanted to rock climb but didn’t know where to start, Polar Caves’ Glacial Wall offers a great first experience. Instructors will help you get to the top of the route and safely return. Don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes, such as hiking boots or sneakers – you’ll need them to scale the wall.

Get vertical on Polar Caves’ Glacial Wall, a series of four climbing routes with both natural and man-made foot and hand holds.
Ages 6 and Up are Eligible to Climb:

  • Little Cub Climb Beginner 20-foot climb (primarily more for smaller children)
  • Cub Climb Beginner 42 foot climb
  • Polar Bear Climb Intermediate 48 foot climb
  • Grizzly Climb Difficult  50 foot climb

Do you dare to dance with rock and rope as you ascend the sheer cliff faces of Polar Caves’ Glacial Wall? This is no fake rock climbing wall. This is the real deal. Can you get to the top as your friends and family cheer?

The cost is $10/climb, or a package of four climbs is $35 and can be split among a group. This cost is in addition to admission.
(Open Weekends Only 11am to 5pm - Memorial Day to Labor Day)

PC Explorer Tip: Take note as you climb the wall and explore the park of the sparkling flecks in the granite or on the ground. Those are mica shards. There are 37 different kinds of mica minerals, and the most common are: purple lepidolite, black biotite, brown phlogopite, and clear muscovite. Can you spot all four on your trip to Polar Caves?

Mica was mined throughout the White Mountains for years. In fact, there is a mica mineral claim on the Polar Caves home mountain that will expire in 2022.


The Polar Ascent - Closed for the season

Polar Caves Polar Ascent is known as what is called a "Via Ferrata" which is a guided experience that challenges visitors to navigate a 172-foot long iron way, and then rappel back down to base camp.

Unique to Rumney’s rock climbing scene, Polar Caves Polar Ascent  is one of the few local Via Ferratas and the only one that comes with guided instruction. It’s an ideal adventure for visitors looking for more of a challenge, and larger-than-life views.

The cost is $20 and that includes all climbing gear, instruction, and one challenging adventure! Appropriate for kids ages 12 and older, as well as adults. This cost is in addition to admission. (Open Weekends Only 11am to 5pm - Memorial Day to Labor Day - Reservations Recommended)

PC Explorer fact: Via Ferrata means “Iron Way.” These iron ways made reaching alpine summits possible in the 19th century – that’s the 1800's, kids! – by making the climbing route safer for alpinists to navigate. Metal stemples, or iron bars hammered into the rock to make steps, help climbers find their footing, while chains or ropes strung along the path provided grips to improve balance. These iron ways helped climbers summit peaks in the Italian and Austrian Alps – no small feat for the time.

Think you have what it takes to conquer Polar Cave's – Polar Ascent? Do you dare to walk our Iron Way across the sky?