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Opening Day May 14th, 2021... Book Online for your spots!

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Our 2021 will begin May 14th, 2021. 


Masks are required for our guests and staff... icons for more Health & Safety info. Thank you!

Our Caves- Ageless Discovery

Polar Caves were formed during the last Ice Age when a glacier moved across the landscape, dropping granite boulders at the base of what’s now known as Hawk’s Cliff. As they fell, the boulders formed passageways, around and through which, we’ve built boardwalks and stairs to allow for deeper exploration. So, what’s the difference between granite and limestone caves?

The Caves

What's the Polar Caves?

Be inspired by the wild wonders of the natural world at Polar Caves, offering family-friendly adventure since 1922. Summer of 2021 brings a need for fresh air and perspective. Our park may be operating differently from past experiences, though our caves provide perpetual agelessness. Bring your kids, bring your grandparents, and bring home family-sized smiles!

Nature provides a playground...

Polar Caves is family owned and operated for 99 years, offering generations of visitors a chance to slip between the rocks of time and explore the underbelly of the earth.

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