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Kids Corner

Welcome to our Kids’ Corner – where PC explorers begin their Polar Caves journey!


Seven Super Cool, We Mean Polar, Attractions

Explore the underbelly of the earth, and journey through the earth’s past to a time when megafauna ruled North America, where ancient horses, mastodon, and giant cousins of modern-day armadillos roamed across the ancient world.

Polar Caves’ granite caves and climbing walls stand as reminders that the landscape we see now was carved by ice over millions of years.

Become a PC Explorer 

Do you have what it takes to become a PC Explorer? Are you curious, adventurous and kind to all? Join our PC Explorers and discover the stories behind Polar Caves' top attractions, from the Baker River Mining Sluice to the habits of the species found at the Animal Park. Keep your eyes open - adventure awaits at Polar Caves.