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Inside the Caves Blog

A fun place to work is a fun place to visit!

Well it’s almost Memorial Day, so I figured I should write something here in my blog. (as per usual I cranked this out quickly, so please ignore any mistakes)

Polar Caves opened May 4th for the season and we have been chugging along with some slight improvements around the park including redesigning the inside of [...]

halfway through 2012 season

Wow, here we are half way through out 2012 season. It really has been an amazing season so far. We couldn’t ask for better weather and we are also so happy to have such a great staff.

Wood work has started in the new cave, but we still don’t have an actual opening date for [...]

Hello Summer 2012

It is hard to believe we have been open almost 2 months and we are finally getting to summer! So far we are off to a great start and already are eyeing some of our off-season project for next fall. The next big project will be in the animal area. We have been tossing some [...]

Hello 2012 Season!

Another season is underway! This year with the lack of snow we decided to open almost a month early. When we started to shovel out the caves we found about 2 feet of snow near the entrance to the 1st cave, but after that it was mostly clear. After a quick clean-up around the park [...]

Mid-summer report

Wow it has been a crazy season so far. This year our staff has been amazing, they have gone above and beyond. Our rating is proof. Now we are moving into the end of summer season, with fall shortly behind. The problem with this year’s staff is that almost all of them are in [...]




Welcome to our new webpage. Figured it was time to get a new one. We are getting ready to open for the 2011 season. The rain has not been very helpful, the trail are all very spongy and have made cleaning up the park a challenge. The caves have refrozen a couple of [...]