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Inside the Caves Blog


Here is a quick description we use on many affiliated websites to describe Polar Caves. Please feel free to cut and paste it and use it for your own webpage.

The Polar Caves were formed about fifty thousand years ago as the third continental glacier descended over New Hampshire’s White Mountains. When the ice retreated, it left behind an amazing series of caves and passageways for visitors to explore. Self-guided tours take you to the rock garden and nature trails and through the caves.

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Is Polar Caves accessible? All our caves are on and around Hawk’s Cliff and many stairs connect the caves. So Wheelchairs, scooters or strollers will not make it on the boardwalk. Our animal area is accessible, but that is the only area of the park that is.

Polar Caves Hints- To avoid crowds come early or a little late, between 11am and 2pm is when we are the busiest. In the summer we sell our last ticket at 5pm, but you can stay in the park till around 6pm. After 4pm please explore the caves first, you can take your time in the animal area and gift shop.

Are the caves cold?  Most of the caves stay around 55 degrees, but they are all linked together by many sets of stairs, so you tend to be very warm by the time you are done.  Depending on the season you may want to bring a jacket, but most of the summer one is not needed.

Strollers, baby-back carriers? We see many people that hope to use both through out the cave tour, but neither work very well on the tour.  Strollers just don’t fit and the problem with baby back carriers is that when the parent ducks they leave their child exposed to hitting rocks they are ducking from.

But it is Raining…  We are open rain or shine,  but if it is real early in our season or real late in the season we will close early if no one is in the park, usually 4:30pm.  Any doubt, feel free to call.  603-536-1888.

But I wear Flip-flops year-round…. We do not suggest Flip-flops since they do not give you good support in and around the caves.  People do wear them and we do allow them, just be aware of the steel stairs that often can catch a toe or the areas around the caves that will swallow one flip-flop and it will never be seen again.

What is “Dog Parking”  Since our park has an animal area we do not allow dogs into the park.  We love our pets and know people often travel with their own, so we have made a shaded away from the parking lot area for you to park.  Hopefully it will help keep your pet cool and calm during your visit.