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Inside the Caves Blog

Hello Summer 2012

It is hard to believe we have been open almost 2 months and we are finally getting to summer!  So far we are off to a great start and already are eyeing some of our off-season project for next fall.  The next big project will be in the animal area.  We have been tossing some ideas around, but none have stuck.  We know we will be scaling back on how many pheasants we have and we already have decided not to bring back the Peacocks, since they have such a hard time with our NH winter.   We love our deer and we plan on keeping them, we even gave them a little more room and let them have the old peacock cage, which gives them another option for a shaded area.  We also plan on keeping the ducks, but from year to year we get some pretty stupid ones.  Last year almost all our hatchlings decided that it was better to sleep on land and quickly found out that wasn’t very safe.  This year our new ducklings have been much smarter and spend most of their time in the pond and accepting handouts.

I think most early season projects have been completed, which means Deane will soon be returning to our new cave that we have been working on for almost 2 years.  Hope is that we will be able to open it in the fall, but you never know, when working with rocks.

We are also just finishing up our last special that we offer until fall.  This year we had Mothers free Mother’s day weekend and last Saturday was Military appreciation day where any member of the military and their family could get in for free.  To be honest we have been offering this day for 4 years and it just hasn’t grown, so next year look for something different for military personnel.   This weekend is our annual Father’s day, Father’s FREE weekend.  All weekend long Dads can get in free with any other paid admission.   Usually in the fall we will also offer some kind of discount for NH and VT residents, but we never release any info on that till a week before.

The last thing I will blog about is Polar puppy, he is growing quick and at 5 months has ears that can hear a cracker drop a mile away.  He is about the cutest thing you will ever see, but heck we know puppies sell!  When checking in ask to see Polar, he is usually close by the front desk.

Hope to see you soon!


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