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Inside the Caves Blog

Mid-summer report

Wow it has been a crazy season so far.  This year our staff has been amazing, they have gone above and beyond.  Our rating is proof.   Now we are moving into the end of summer season, with fall shortly behind.   The problem with this year’s staff is that almost all of them are in school so as Sept. approaches we lose almost all of them and the college students leave starting next week.

Fudge has been fun again this year.  We have some crazy flavors again this year.  We tried chocolate covered Pretzel , the salt was good, but the pretzels got soggy.  Currently we have a peanut butter banana mix that is pretty darn good and as fall approaches, I am sure we will try some pumpkin pie and apple combinations (not together).

Gift shops buying last year were pretty successful.  We are starting to see some of the more popular items disappear.  Of course with this economy some of the large priced gift shop items haven’t found the right person yet.  It just means we will not be buying those items next year.

Snack Bar-  This year we didn’t make too many changes, but did start carrying a line of sandwiches made fresh a couple of times a week from a local store.  We still have Kayem Hotdogs, our homemade pizza and basic nachos.  Was hoping to purchase warm pretzels this year, but the supplier never came through.

Slush- Last year we purchased a used slush machine.  Before buying it we were told that used machines are often worked hard and not going to last long, well they were right and early this summer it started to make ICE not slush, so we ordered a new one and finally now that the slush season is near the end the new one finally arrived and is up and running in the Klondike mine.

Klondike Mine.  We know that is attraction is really only fun for a certain age group and are forever working to try to improve it.  This year we turned one of the mines into a crystal mine and that has been pretty successful.

Caves-  Well not much changes up there, but this year during your visit you might here a some underground  construction noise.  We are working very hard on clearing out a new cave and hope that if all goes well we will have it open for 4th of July next year.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to your visit!


(If you find grammatical errors in this blog, just realize I wrote it in 5 minutes, since I have been asked by 4 or 5 people in the past week to please update it! )

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