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Inside the Caves Blog




Welcome to our new webpage.  Figured it was time to get a new one.  We are getting ready to open for the 2011 season.  The rain has not been very helpful, the trail are all very spongy and have made cleaning up the park a challenge.  The caves have refrozen a couple of times and we might have to go lay some sand in some key spots to help traction.  With the warm rain this week though I am sure the slippery surfaces will melt.  The Ice cave is still frozen and will be for some time.  The gift shop is starting to get really stocked  and with a back room full we will be adding new stuff all the time.  The sugar house is starting to become pretty sweet, with lots of new treats to help get you through the walk.  Now the problem is getting to the sugar house!  The trail between the caves and the sugar house is a little like quicksand,  looks fine till you step on it and you are up to ankles in soft dirt.


We here is to a great season and we look forward to your visit!


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